Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat

We’re excited to announce that after a trial period we've now deployed Apple Business Chat for our customers using iOS and macOS devices, if you visit our website using your iPhone, iPad or on your Mac you'll now see a small iMessage chat icon at the bottom of the screen - from where you can ask us questions anonymously, privately and securely via iMessage.

Given that in terms of mobile users, over 70% of you are using Apple devices and 90% of our sales completed using mobile devices (thanks in part to our support for ApplePay) are done so using Apple devices we hope this new feature will be a valued addition to customer experience whilst shopping with us here at Scotby Cycles which requires no configuration or additional apps to be installed on your device.


Best of all, unlike our previous live chat solution Facebook Messenger, your chats with us are, just as with all iMessages, end to end encrypted and can’t be used for remarketing/audience targetting by Facebook. We'll be retiring our Facebook Messenger order update integration as of October.

For the majority of people on desktop using Windows (or those visiting using Android devices), you’ll now see a chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen which you can use to ask us any questions you might have during office hours - this new system offers you similar levels of privacy but you will need to keep a tab open in your browser whilst chatting with us.

As always, we appreciate any feedback you might have about this - just get in touch via email, social or even, you know, chat... :)

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