adidas Five Ten PrimeBlue

adidas Five Ten PrimeBlue

There isn't a whole lot new from Five Ten for SS21, asides from a new Hellcat Pro which we hope to receive in the coming weeks the only new shoes the company has releases in a line of PrimeBlue versions of both the Freerider and the Freerider Pro - the models are for the most part identical to their classic versions but partially constructed from recycled marine plastics rather than new materials.

This means that you can use these models and be confident that not only are you contributing to a solution to minimise pollution in our oceans but that you’re still getting the same outstanding mountain biking shoes. No compromises.

The two models are priced the same as their classic versions (£90 for the Freerider, £120 for the Freerider Pro) and both some in subtle but attractive colourways - we're also stocking the women's version of the Freerider PrimeBlue which comes in a nice Hazy Emerald colourway.

What is PrimeBlue?

PrimeBlue is a high-performance recycled material made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic which is created using upcycled plastic waste such as PET bottles and packaging. This plastic waste is intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shorelines, preventing it from polluting our oceans which inevitably it would do so without such intervention.

You can learn more about PrimeBlue on the Parley website.

Available Now

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All three models are available now but stocks are initially a bit limited - hopefully, later in the year, we should have a more plentiful supply. Prices in body text are correct at the time of publication, due to the surge in shipping costs we’re seeing a lot of retail price rises and one may affect these products between publication date and when you see this post.

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