HuckNorris MegaNorris

HuckNorris MegaNorris

Huck Norris have released a new and improved version of their classic Puncture Prevention Ninja, the foam insert which lead to multiple copycat products and kicked off a whole new component segment.

The original Puncture Prevention Ninja came in one compound with a range of widths, a downhill version which was made of a slightly denser foam material to better handle the rigours of downhill and freeride mountain biking.

The new MegaNorris however, can feature multiple compounds depending on the version you need - we’ll summarize the differences below.

Huck Norris MegaNorris Toast


The lightest and probably will be the most popular version is the “Toast” version, a single compound roll of foam best suited for trail riding and a bit of enduro, given there often isn’t any huge knocks with trail riding the primary focus of this toast version is the prevention of pinch punctures.

Nuck Norrus Original vs. Huck Norris MegaNorris

The OG Huck Norris (on the left) compared to the new MegaNorris

Huck Norris MegaNorris Versions

Three separate flavours - a Norris Trilogy

This version is the most similar to the original Puncture Prevention Ninja but the foam compound is quite different - its significantly firmer than the original, firmer even than the compound used for the previous downhill version too.

Huck Norris MegaNorris Sandwich


Next is “Sandwich”, this version uses both the lighter compound found on the “Toast” with a high density inner layer - this layer is quite firm and it needs to be as this version is intended for use in rear wheels on enduro bikes and competitive enduro racing - big knocks are common so rim protection becomes a concern and this high density layer will shield your mountain bikes expensive rims from those big hits - so much so it's also the version recommended for use up front on downhill and electric mountain bikes.

Huck Norris MegaNorris Hamburger


The final version is the “Hamburger” and this version is similar to the “Sandwich” but features an additional layer of the dark high density foam on top of the lighter compound - this version will protect your wheels and tyres from the hardest of hard landings - suited for downhill bikes and electric bikes.


~120g ~200g ~250g
Trail Rear
Enduro Front
Enduro Rear
Enduro Competition Front
Downhill & eBike Front
Downhill Rear
eBike Rear

MegaNorris Sizing

You'll need to order the size of MegaNorris according to the width of your rim, the circumfrance of your wheels doesn't matter as all three versions and both sizes can be cut down to fit on to 27.5", 29" and retro 26" wheelsets.

55mm 60mm
Internal width 28-34mm
(1.1 - 1.34 inch)
Internal width 30-40mm
(1.34 - 1.57 inch)

Available Now

The new MegaNorris is available now online and in store here at Scotby Cycles - you can use the buy button below to add one to your basket or tap on this link to view the product page.

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