Say hello to our new website

Say hello to our new website

We've been hard at work rebuilding this, our new website, these past few weeks but we're ready for our customers to try it out and the new range of services we can offer through it.

New Features

We have new zero hassle mobile-first payment methods, Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can chat with us via Facebook Messenger or even receive order updates via Facebook Messenger, and we've kept our next day delivery prices low so you can get your order as quickly as possible with additional Saturday and Sunday delivery options.

Customer Feedback

We've periodically asked our customers for feedback over the months and with this relaunch we've strived to meet those expectations including a range of new payment methods, faster loading, a clearer checkout process and free returns for clothing and accessories.

As ever, if you have any feedback about our new site we're always happy to hear from you - just reply to this message or email with your thoughts.

More Soon

More features are coming - a returns centre and new customer help desk the more challenging of the pending updates - but we just need a little more time to get those ready before launching them so keep an eye on the site in the coming months.

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