MiRiDER One Electric Folding Bike

MiRiDER One Folding eBike

A couple of weeks ago we had our first delivery of the updated MiRiDER One folding electric bike here at Scotby Cycles, the name MiRiDER might not be too familiar to many people as they’re a relatively new UK based brand who have been developing then further refining their One folding e-bike for just a few years.

This latest version benefits from a significantly reduced weight (over 1.5 kilos) from the previous incarnation of the One, new narrower tyres which reduce rolling resistance and we’re one of the first dealers to take on stock featuring their new 7.0 Ah battery which will offer an improved range.

There are some nifty features which makes the One stand out from other folding electric bikes on the market.

URT Frame Design

MiRiDER One 'URT' Frame Design

Firstly, the frame, it’s made from a lightweight magnesium alloy which is diecast meaning no unsightly welds or potential weak points, the frame design is also quite familiar to anyone into their mountain biking back in the 90’s with a unified rear triangle (or ‘URT’ for short) suspension design – whereas this design disappeared in mountain biking its quite appropriate for a 16” wheeled, single-speed, electric bike as its low maintenance, keeps the chain under a constant tension so it doesn’t splash around as the bike rolls over bumps.

Single Speed Drivetrain

Secondly, it’s a single-speed, meaning it has just one gear – and one gear is all you’ll probably ever need. MiRiDER tell us they have trialled a range of ratios to find “the one ratio to rule them all” (in this instance that it seems to be a 48T chainring and a 14T sprocket) and they’re probably right, taking our demo model out around the streets of Carlisle and through the local parks the MiRiDER One never felt particularly limiting as the bike isn’t designed for travelling at particularly high speeds but rather it’s a great setup for weaving in and out of traffic especially with its nimble 16” wheels.

Easy Folding and Stopping

Thirdly, the MiRiDER One folds down into an impressively small size, we’ve had the bike stopped and folded up within twenty seconds which might be handy if you’re running for the train. Braking is handled by a set of Clarks CMD24 mechanical disc brakes with easy on the fingers Wuxing brake levers – mechanical brakes negates the potential maintenance that comes with hydraulic systems, not to mention eliminates the possibility of pinching a hydraulic cable in the folding mechanism. Are you going to clean up that mess?

Weights and Ranges

MiRiDER One Electric Bike Profile

This upgrade MiRiDER One comes in at (with pedals, accessories and battery etc) 17.20 kg, whilst that isn’t particularly light for a folding bike there just isn’t any way of getting around those batteries which are just really heavy, and besides, the One actually weighs in at significantly less than our other (at time of writing) folding electric bikes, the Wisper 806 (22kg) and the Falcon Flo (20kg).

Range is also another issue, in optimal riding conditions the MiRiDER One with the new battery is rated for around 72 km or 45 miles which is absolutely fine for what this bike is designed for, on paper that doesn’t seem all that great but its plenty enough for commuting, for trips to the store or for park rides.


If we were going to grumble about anything then it might be that you might need a track pump or a mini pump with a flexible hose to inflate the tyres, this is not something specific to the One – smaller wheels often are quite a bit more fiddly for operating a hand pump with so having a flexible hose will fix this. Also, the controller unit features no Smartphone connectivity for trip recording or navigation although this might be seen as blessing rather than something to complain about depending on your perspective.

Aides this, the MiRiDER One is fast and nimble, the motor is surprisingly punchy in the higher power modes, the bike is especially comfortable to ride thanks to the soft squidgy saddle and the rear shock absorber. All in all, we’re really impressed with the MiRiDER One – it’s a fantastic value at £1,450.00 considering it comes equipped out of the box with mudguards, a kickstand and for added bonus each MiRiDER One is assembled here in the UK.

Also available is a range of accessories available from the MiRiDER Collection page.

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