ORTLIEB BikePacking Limited Edition

ORTLIEB Limited Edition BikePacking Collection

ORTLIEB is renowned throughout the world for its waterproof bike bags, with models such as the Back-Roller Classic being perennial favourites for cyclists looking to keep their gear dry with a value of money yet well-made bag. We’ve been stocking the brand here at Scotby Cycles for more than a decade.

The German company introduced their BikePacking Collection in around 2017 as the gravel bike boom began to really take off, over the subsequent years it has continued to expand as the demands of adventurous cyclists are taken on board and the range has set the benchmark for this segment of our sport.

However, until now, the entire range has had one colour option - Slate, but ORTLIEB has now manufactured in Germany a limited number of Frame-Pack Toptubes, Seat-Packs and Handlebar-Packs in a stealthy Black.

BikePacking Frame-Pack Toptube

ORTLIEB BikePacking Frame-Pack Limited Edition

Designed to transport your heavier gear, e.g. tools or food, in a central position close to your bicycle frame to minimise movement whilst you navigate gnarly trails - the Frame-Pack Toptube has a maximum storage capacity of 4 litres.

BikePacking Handlebar-Bag

ORTLIEB BikePacking Handlebar-Bag Limited Edition

The regular version of the Handlebar-Bag does come in two sizes but for this limited edition ORTLIEB has just stuck with the smaller (and generally more popular) version with its 9 litres of flexible storage capacity. Ideal for hauling clothing, towels and any other stuffable gear you might want to carry.

BikePacking Seat-Pack

ORTLIEB BikePacking Seat-Bag Limited Edition

Unlike with the Handlebar-Bag, ORTLIEB has opted to produce just the larger 16.5 litre version in their limited edition colourway, designed to keep gear dry regardless of the weather conditions, this version features an adjustable volume between 8 and 16.5 litres thanks to the roll closure and a compression valve to let out excess air when packing content. Compatible with pretty any bike with 6 cm of clear seat-post to affix to.

Available Now

We have now received our first delivery of the above bags - click on the view product buttons for availability/pricing, we’ve ordered quite a few as we’re not sure how many more we can order from the distributor later on so if this is something you’d be interested in please don’t sit on the fence too long to avoid disappointment.

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