Puncture Prevention Ninja

Puncture Prevention Ninja

We’ll be perfectly honest and admit that when the distributor of Huck Norris (no, not Chuck Norris) first came to us last year with a revolutionary foam band called a ‘Huck Norris’ which claimed to both save your rims and prevent punctures we were a tad sceptical to say the least.

Fast forward half a year and the Huck Norris has been a bit of a revelation for anyone running tubeless systems - they’re really easy to install and do what they say on the package as a few of our customers coming back from Morzine this summer will confirm.

The product is genius in its simplicity,  a lightweight (85g) cellular foam band which sits inside your tyre and softens in the event of an hard landing or knock against a protruding rock the impact of this on the rims edges and also prevents the rim squeezing the tyre on impact potentially creating a pinch puncture - the sort that usually tyre sealant can’t handle as the holes are too large to seal properly – the graphic to the right demonstrates how the foam layer cushions the tyre wall against the edge of the rim.

The Huck Norris comes in three sizes to match your rim width and are now available as a single pack should you just want to protect one rim or need a replacement and also a downhill edition which is slightly different to the standard version, the Huck Norris is delivered in 29" length (excl. the DH version) however for the 27.5" and 26" version you just cut it shorter at the designated cut points.

The new Downhill Edition (as we’re dubbing it) comes in a single size but the foam is noticeably denser than the standard version - this does add a little bit of weight but in the grand scheme of things a few extra grams aren’t going to be noticed,  in exchange for those few extra grams your Huck Norris will yield more shock absorbency for the sort of big impacts downhill junkies typically come into.

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