What is Specialized ANGi?

What is Specialized ANGi?

We've been asked a number of times what the ANGi sensor which is included with a number of Specialized Helmets actually does and why it is a feature they would want from a new helmet.

Essentially, ANGi is a compact impact sensor which connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone which provides an additional layer of safety in the event of an accident by notifying contacts that you might have had an incident and your last known GPS location.

You need to have the Specialized Ride App installed on your smartphone (available for both iOS and Android) for this to work - the app is far more than just about ANGi but for now that is the only feature we’ll focus on.

Live Tracker and Safety Beacon

Using the Specialized Ride App you can pre-plan your route, share it with others that are riding with you and share a tracking link to anyone in your contacts to enable them to track you in real-time, if you are or ever have been a premium Strava subscriber you might be familiar with their Beacon feature - ANGi works in a similar way minus the subscription fee.

However, most riders who have heard anything about ANGi will know that it's capable of sending a text message to predetermined contacts in the event of a whoopsee notifying them that you might have had an accident and your current GPS coordinates.

Of course you can have a minor off and trigger the sensor, thankfully ANGi doesn’t spam your emergency contacts every time you bite the dust as the off commences a countdown timer which you can cancel before any notifications are sent to cause undue alarm.

No signal? No problem.

It goes without saying, for any of the above to work you need to have cellular service on your smartphone which you are carrying with you, which if where you are or where you mostly ride is anything like our neighbourhood in and around the Lake District this isn’t a given.

Thankfully, if you have set a route you intend to follow or expect to be back before an approximate time then you can set a time-based alert, this means that ANGi will notify your emergency contacts if you have not returned by the specified time so you are covered by all eventualities.

Not just for Specialized Helmets

Specialized ANGi Compatible Helmets

Add ANGi to a compatible helmet

Specialized ANGi Sensor

ANGi sensor available separately

Specialized rightly believes that this sort of technology should be available to all riders, not just those who have purchased ANGi equipped or compatible helmets, you can purchase the ANGi sensor separately and a universal fitting kit for a variety of helmet brands to retrofit ANGi technology onto.

This universal fitting kit mounts the ANGi sensor to the back of a helmet, it will work with the vast majority of helmet brands but some might have a strange shape or unusual construction meaning that mounting the sensor just isn’t possible.

If you’d prefer a helmet which comes with or is compatible with ANGi out of box then checkout this special collection of Specialized Helmets here on our website available for purchase.

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