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ASSOS are unquestionably one of the crème-de-la-crème developers of cycling apparel with their stereotypically Swiss attention to detail. Such obsessive development and redevelopment of their products before anyone outside of ASSOS even gets to touch them often results in premium pricing but riders with any experience of using any clothing baring the ASSOS logo will attest that the price is worth every penny.

The company came into existence through a slightly unusual set of circumstances – in 1976, company founder Tony Maier-Mouss actually set about developing a carbon fibre track bike for velodrome racing but though wind tunnel tests found that he could find significantly greater efficiencies by wearing aero-developed clothing which at the time simply didn’t exist. By the close of the decade the ASSOS Team were leading the revolution with Lycra skinsuits, jerseys and shorts forever changing the world of cycle racing.

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