Silca Tools and Accessories

With an incomparable reputation for quality and a long history in the sport, few brands have been more intimately connected to the last 100 years of cycling than Silca.

The Italian-born brand's legacy of legendary quality has seen company's pumps being passed down through generations of professional mechanics and cycling enthusiasts - riders who value the experience of bike maintenance and understand its performance value. Now based in the US, Silca's heirloom quality pumps have been joined by a growing selection of thoughtfully designed and stylish accessories.

Silca's goal is nothing short of creating perfection with every product it produces. Each and every component is designed for beauty, function, strength, durability, and longevity – then carefully produced by hand to the highest standards. An attractive mix of Italian prestige and modern American engineering, Silca joined Saddleback in September 2014 and has continued to build upon its legacy as the creator of the finest pumps and tools in the world.

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