Wisper 905 Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike
Wisper 905 Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike
Wisper 905 Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike
Wisper 905 Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike
Wisper 905 Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike

905 Crossbar


The perfect hybrid option promising riders' hours of enjoyment
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The Wisper 905 Crossbar is a real electric bike thoroughbred, stylish whilst still providing greater rigidity to produce a responsive and lightweight riding experience. The 905 is the perfect hybrid option promising riders' hours of enjoyment both on the roads and gravel trails.

Standard vs. Torque

Wisper electric bikes usually come in two model variants, Standard and Torque − they are usually identical in specifications asides from a Torque sensor located around the crankset on the Torque versions.

This sensor measures the power being applied through the crankarms when the rider pedals and instructs the motor to assist the rider immediately as he or she begins to pedal. This is particularly advantageous for hill starts whereas the standard version uses only a cadence sensor which triggers motor assistance only once the bike is underway.

Assisted Ranges

Battery Size Range Range
700Wh 64 to 160 km 40 to 100 miles
575Wh 48 to 120 km 30 to 75 miles
375Wh 24 to 64 km 15 to 40 miles

Note: Rider weight, load carried on the bike, terrain, tyre pressures, speed, power settings, wind conditions, and motor power all have a huge bearing on the range. With this in mind, the stated ranges above are averages achieved in testing.


The prices displayed above doesn't include a battery so you'll need to purchase a Wisper Battery separately, this might seem a bit odd but we've found over the years we've sold Wisper electric bikes that customers like to be able to choose a battery based on their budget and needs in terms of range rather than have them locked into what comes pre-installed so we separate them out to better accommodate our customers.

This product has been designed to be universal.

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E-BIKE: 905 Crossbar

  • Drivesystem
  • Battery
  • Motor
    Wisper High Efficiency, 250W
  • Display
    Wisper Backlit LCD
  • Range
    Up to Up to 160 km / 100 miles
  • Extras



With over twelve years of experience in the electric bicycle industry, the team at Wisper Electric Bikes continues to push the boundaries using the very latest branded components and hassle-free, state of the art battery and drive technology.

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