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Beginners Guide to Turbo Training

   Words by scotbAdmin

   on 11/10/2018 12:41:45

Without a doubt, riding your bike outside is the best way to spend your time for more reasons than one. But that light summer breeze and evening sunshine are gradually fading into something more sinister, something that will put the hardiest of cyclists off the road. Winter is coming!

So, the temperature has dropped, rainy spells are coming more often and you spending more and more time washing and cleaning your bike. Its that time to hang up your summer stead and head indoors and keep fit in the comfort of your own home.

But what do I need to get started?


1. Where’s your training space?

Look at where you can fit your indoor training in, this might be a spare room or a garage with room to fit a bike plus a shelf or table to fit a fan. Indoor training is a bit of hard work and can get a little sweaty, so hard floors or rubber matting is a good option and stops your ruining your living room carpet.

One final thing to think about when finding your location is noise, depending on how hard your riding, turbo trainers can be a little noisy so bare that in mind, so you don’t upset your neighbours.


2. Choose your type of Turbo Trainer

The sky is the limit price wise for some models of turbo trainers, but this is a beginner’s guide so we will look at two types of trainer that are perfect to get you going.




This is the cheapest option available and largely consists of a stable tri-pod design that is foldable alongside a weighted flywheel that is spun up as you pedal. To create the resistance, a strong magnet with pre-set notches slows the flywheel giving the resistance feeling.

The simple design of magnetic trainers makes them easy to fold away or pack in the car when travelling. The Downside is the resistance created can feel a little limited, if your starting off that’s fine but after some fitness is gained you may find you can outride the resistance.


A slightly more technical and functional trainer, perfect for hard training session with a resistance that you can really work against.

A Fluid trainer carries the same tri-pod style design where by your bike is attached to a roller however there is no flywheel now, in-stead, there is a propeller that spins inside a bath of oil. The propeller/oil combination creates a very smooth resistance that steady ramps up as you pedal meaning you are un-likely to run out of resistance.

The fluid design is perfect for hard training session after work or for a someone looking for a simple and quiet design. One thing to bear in mind, resistance comes from using your gears so the harder your gear, the harder the resistance.


3. Get Organised

Getting motivated is always hard once the weather is cold and nights are long. However you might have a moment, just 10 minutes where you are really motivated about training or just keeping fit. 10 minutes isn’t enough to train but is plenty of time you get your week organised.

Quickly plan out:

-When your going to do your indoor training session this week

-What you will need each time



-Heart rate strap

Have as much of your cycling organised in that split moment of motivation


4. Find a Workout

Once your all set, your bike is on the turbo and your ready to get going the need to devise a session to complete. This can be several things, you might have access to a TV or Laptop and for an hour you might spin your legs and burn some calories.

Second you might want to start introducing some intervals, these are a great way to keep the blood flowing and if done correctly, build fitness through the winter. A good Turbo Trainer workout is relatively short, around 1 Hour but comprises of a 10 Minute warm up, 40-45 minute main block of intervals finishing with a 5 or 10 minute cool down.

Check back soon for our top 4 turbo workouts.


5. Decide when to train

All of us live busy lives and fitting in training can be extremely difficult particularly balancing the work/life balance without causing rifts in those relationships close to you.

If you can fit 30 minutes spinning your legs on the turbo training 3 times a week this will offer you a far better reward than doing a 1hrs session once.

Benefits for a short, regular session:

· You can ride harder meaning training load is proportionally better

· Accumulative training load is better due to the more regular session

· 30 minute session is easier to mentally and physically focus on

· 30 minute session can fit into you daily schedule far easier


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