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    Review: Five Ten Freerider Pro

       Words by scotbAdmin

       on 21/06/2017 11:13:00


    Our first batch of Freerider Pro’s arrived early in the spring but until recently we haven’t had much time to put them through their paces and gather some thoughts on this new addition to the Five Ten range.

    Despite the “Pro” moniker the model really sits alongside the Freerider Contact as a low-profile performance mountain biking shoe so for the most part I’ll use the Contact as a reference point for the Pro.

    The difference being that the Freerider Contact is designed for absolute maximum traction on flat pedals by utilising STEALTH Mi6, Five Ten’s by far tackiest rubber compound on a large treadless patch (see comparison photo below) whereas the Pro uses the much more durable S1 compound used on the majority of the Five Ten range along with an modified version of their classic dotty Freerider sole tread pattern.


    As for this aforementioned compound, STEALTH S1 is Five Ten’s benchmark for mountain biking shoes due to its capacity to absorbs far more shocks than traditional rubber outsoles whilst its high friction properties offer a calculated balance between grip and durability - all in all this makes the S1 compound highly versatile.

    The new Freerider Pro also benefits from technologies developed for the Impact VXi among other models in that the completely synthetic upper is the same breathable, fast drying and much more weather resistant upper as used on the VXi along with a reinforced toe box and increased stiffness.


    That increased stiffness is particularly noticeable especially in comparison to the classic Freerider, naturally an increased sole stiffness will allow for a significantly improved power transfer to the pedals but I wouldn’t say they were any stiffer than the Impact VXi, if anything the VXi’s are stiffer still but this does allow for the Freerider Pro to be much more comfortable to wear off bike.

    The reinforced toe box is a big plus for any rider who opts for a much more aggressive lines through which a rider may encounter the occasional awkward rock.


    Size wise, this is interesting as it seems as Five Ten’s range progresses their sizing is becoming more typical of other brands, this perhaps is the influence of their new parent company Adidas as Five Ten have been renowned for years for their shoes being quite a relaxed fit. I for instance wear UK 10 sized shoes however I wear UK 9.5 Five Ten Freerider Canvases and Dirtbags but for the Freerider Pro I was quite undecided between the two sizes, both fitted in terms of length but the UK 9.5 was a bit snug in terms of width so I personally opted for a UK 10 as I’m not a fan of narrow fitting shoes but I stress that that is just my personal preference.

    All in all, the Freerider Pro is an excellent addition to the range as Five Ten continue to refine each model year in year out, at time of writing the the Freerider Pro lists at £110 and is available in a fantastic range of colours plus two adapted versions for women.

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    Five Ten Freerider Pro
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