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To find your Bont Cycling shoe size, download and print the sizing page below in A4 and follow the instructions. Stand barefoot, mark with a straight edge your longest toe and widest part of your foot. Double check the length and width with a ruler to confirm your measurements - see below the sizing table for further advice.

A4 Sizing (PDF)

Motion Shoes

Size Last Length Foot Length Width
41 255 246-250 92-102
42 260 251-255 93-103
42.5 265 256-260 94-105
43 270 261-265 96-106
44 275 266-270 97-107
44.5 280 271-275 98-108
45 285 276-280 100-110
46 290 281-285 101-111
46.5 295 286-290 102-113
47 300 291-295 104-114


The stated size width range does not reflect the actual width of the shoe. Bont Cycling shoes are designed with structural support throughout the entire length including the forefoot and as such, the measured shoe width is designed to appropriately support the foot within the shoe. The width of the shoe will almost always be narrower than your foot which is intentional in order to provide the necessary support.

Please also keep in mind Bont Cycling shoes are designed around an anatomically correct last suitable for cycling however, this does not mean they are built in the 'bare foot' running shoe style.

Note: Sizing information is provided as advice only.