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Juice Lubes

Dirty Little Scrubber

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A quick and easy to use no hands chain cleaner by Juice Lubes

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Dirty Little Scrubber Description

The Juice Lubes Dirty Little Scrubber is a quick and easy to use no hands chain cleaner by Juice Lubes - the devices hang on the lower chain and the hook-bar swings up behind the jockey wheel so when you backpedal the cranks, the cleaner stays in place.

The fact that you don't have to hold the Dirty Little Scrubber with one hand brings 3 big advantages.

  1. It finds its own position of least resistance, so you don't get annoying chain suck when backpedalling the cranks - this is assuming that you have it in a gear that backpedals freely in the first place!? With handheld cleaners, it is all too easy to twist or tilt the cleaner which inhibits the free movement of the chain through the cleaner. 
  2. You can use one hand to hold the bike up and the other hand to turn the crank, so you don't need a work-stand to hold the bike steady.
  3. Because it is easier and more convenient to use, you are more likely to clean your chain more regularly which will increase the lifespan of your drivetrain and keep it operating more smoothly which makes your riding more enjoyable!!

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