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806 Folding

806 Folding

The perfect option for avid campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts

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806 Folding Description

Year: 2022
Weight: 22 kg
Gender: Unisex
Drive System: Custom
Gears: 7-Speed
Brake Type: Mechanical Disc
Includes Pedals: Yes
Battery: Available from 375Wh

Model Overview

The very latest version of Wisper's flagship folding electric bike, the 806 SE has received a number of additions to help you tailor your folding eBike to your own personal requirements.

The Wisper 806 folding eBike is the perfect option for campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts, commuters or for those with restricted storage space. With its very low step-over height model is ideal for the rider smaller in stature, however, the extensive adjustment range on the seat post and handlebar stem means the bike can easily be adjusted for the comfort of taller riders.

The 806 is a very sturdy long-range e-bike, with a superb locking mechanism locked you will not notice you are on a folding bike, there is absolutely no frame twist feel when riding.

Assisted Ranges

Battery Size Range Range
700Wh 64 to 160 km 40 to 100 miles
575Wh 48 to 120 km 30 to 75 miles
375Wh 24 to 64 km 15 to 40 miles

Note: Rider weight, load carried on the bike, terrain, tyre pressures, speed, power settings, wind conditions, and motor power all have a huge bearing on the range. With this in mind, the stated ranges above are averages achieved in testing.

Cadence vs. Torque

Wisper classic electric bikes are available with either a Cadence sensor or a Torque sensor − they are otherwise identical in specifications asides from a the presence of a Tourque sensor located around the crankarms on the Torque sensor eqipped version.

This sensor measures the power being applied through the crankarms when the rider pedals and instructs the motor to assist immediately as the rider begins to pedal. This is particularly advantageous for hill starts whereas the standard version uses only a cadence sensor which triggers motor assistance only once the bike is underway.

Torque Explination Video

806 Folding Specifications

Drive System: Custom
Battery: Available from 375Wh
Motor: Wisper High Efficiency, 250W
Display: Wisper Backlit LCD
Range: Up to Up to 160 km / 100 miles
Frame: 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 Tempered (Hand Welded)
Fork: Wisper Lightweight Alloy
Shock: N/A
Rims: Alloy Double Wall
Hubs: Alloy QR
Tyres: Kenda Kevlar Puncture Resistant, 20 x 1.95”
Seatpost: Alloy
Bars: Alloy
Shifters: Shimano
Front Mech: N/A
Rear Mech: Shimano
Cassette: Shimano
Chainset: Alloy
Brakes: Mechanical Disc, 180/160mm
Saddle: Wisper Comfort
Stem: Alloy

Extras: Wisper’s Unique Rear Battery Rack (Certified to 25kg) Front Light: 15W Super Bright LED Rear Light: 36V Light Black Full-Length Mudguards Black Anodised Alloy Kickstand

Model specifications correct at time of entry based on provided data, whilst we do our best to maintain an accurate specification it is possible that Wisper might have changed these specifications without notifying us as component shortages arrise.



With over twelve years of experience in the electric bicycle industry, the team at Wisper Electric Bikes continues to push the boundaries using the very latest branded components and hassle-free, state of the art battery and drive technology.

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